Preparing for your medical

Don’t eat a very large meal just before your examination. This can occasionally cause some changes on your ECG. Avoid strenuous exercise just before your medical. This can occasionally cause haematuria (traces of blood in the urine). Come along to the examination with a relatively full bladder (ie: not a completely empty bladder). I will need you to provide a specimen of urine as part of the medical. It is hard to oblige if you’ve just emptied your bladder! If this is your initial class 2 medical I will have to perform an ECG. This involves putting a number of stickers on your chest and all four limbs. If you are very warned....I will need to shave the places where the stickers need to go! Make sure yo... Read more.

What to bring to your medical

An accepted form of Identification  This must be either a photo-card driving licence or passport.

Your last medical certificate (if applicable) or CAA reference number if this is your initial medical

           Your CAA reference number can be found in the personal details section of the CAA portal near the top of the page. It is a series of               six numbers followed by a capital letter.

Your current Pilot’s licence (if applicable).

Spectacles – if you wear them.  If you wear spectacles, please bring a copy of your current spectacle prescription with you. Likewi... Read more.

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